2016, HD video, 27 minutes, silent.

In Tofino, I have tried to put a system into motion where environmental and computational forces interact with each other. The video consists of a "panorama in time" observed at Wickaninnish Beach near Tofino, British Columbia and on nearby Meares Island. My camera was mounted on a small tripod on the railing of the visitor's centre there, and was subject to the vibratory effects of the strong offshore wind gusts and to the changing sunlight as the afternoon progressed. To this material, I introduced my own personal image processing algorithm, which layers two different time-phased versions of the footage. This program uses simple oscillating sound waves generated by the computer to gently change the opacity and speed of the video's layers over time. The result is, I hope, a visual composition that uniquely emerges from the literal interaction between modulating waves—natural and digital, oceanic and sonic, visual and temporal.